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The explanation of the Dojo-kun (道場訓)


The explanation of the Dojo-kun (道場訓)


Build up and improve character


The ultimate goal of karate is to seek perfection through intense daily training by cultivating discipline, courtesy and endeavor. The other four principles of the Dojo-kun are the methods of which to achieve the ultimate goal.


Be straight and honest


This means to be sincere in everything you do. The true path of honesty lies through words of honor, always kept when given. To earn other people’s confidence, it is fundamental to keep promises and avoid lies.


Be purposeful.


Try hard in everything you do. You can’t be successful without being diligent. Nothing can be achieved in theory. Therefore, apply all of your efforts to achieve these goals. Here it is important to face what you have decided with great effort.


Respect others


The core of any system and order lies in courtesy and human qualities. Gratitude and respect to your opponent should be the common state of things, being at the same time courteous to yourself. Gratitude will let you draw the opponent’s sympathy and trust from the first glance. True human values emerge out of this courtesy, which, by no means, should be neglected.


Refrain from violent behavior.

人間はとかく我が儘な心に支配される。ちょっとしたことにでもすぐカーッとなって腹を立てる。相手に突っかかる。本人は勇ましく振る舞っているつもりかもしれないが、端から見ると滑稽なものである。空手道の修行に励むものは、些細なことですぐ腹を立てるようでは、空手道の名に恥じる。 腹が立った時には、にっこり笑えるほどの心のゆとりを持つことが大切である。

Humans tend to be egotistical. One may lose temper after a minor incident and lash out at the other. A person might consider such behavior to be brave and valiant, but in truth is foolish. Those who practice karate and get angry over trivial things will disgrace the name of Karate-do. Anger should never mean that there is no room for a smile.

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