Japan Karate Shoto Federation (JKS)

Yearly Schedule



Year Month Date Event Place
2020 Jan 6th Start of Year Training Headquarters Dojo
11th New Year Training and New Year Ceremony Headquarters Dojo
27th - Feb 2nd Winter Training Headquarters Dojo
Feb 15th-16th National Technical and Judging Seminar Headquarters Dojo
Mar 28th-29th International DAN Test Headquarters Dojo
Jun 13th-14th National Technical and Judging Seminar -
Sep 20-21th 21st National Championships National Wheelchair Championships of JKS Shizuoka, Japan
Late AJKS 4th National Championships -
Oct 17th-18th National Technical Seminar -
Nov 27th-29th International Seminar
International Branch leaders' meeting -
Dan and Qualification exams
Dec Late End of year training Headquarters Dojo

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