Japan Karate Shoto Federation




Year Month Date Event Place
2020 Jan 6th Start of Year Training Headquarters Dojo
11th New Year Training and New Year Ceremony Headquarters Dojo
27th - Feb 2nd Winter Training Headquarters Dojo
Feb 15th-16th National Technical and Judging Seminar Headquarters Dojo
Mar 28th-29th International DAN Test Headquarters Dojo
Jun 13th-14th National Technical and Judging Seminar -
Sep 20-21th 21st National Championships National Wheelchair Championships of JKS Shizuoka, Japan
Late AJKS 4th National Championships -
Oct 17th-18th National Technical Seminar -
Nov 27th-29th International Seminar
International Branch leaders' meeting -
Dan and Qualification exams
Dec Late End of year training Headquarters Dojo

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