Technical seminar by Makita sensei was held in Guizhou Province, China from September 26th to 30th and Beijing, China from September 30th to October 3rd.

Sue sensei said”It is a great change of karate recognition to these people who attend the seminar. The teaching of technology, of course, was so perfect, but mostly, the spirit of karate, that has changed from the old idea and consciousness completely. The people who received training (college students) have all impressed the teacher guidance, Makita passion is very meaningful in their lives for a fewdays. Sensei Makita did all the movement himself and explained the technology in a simple way. It is very easy to understand for middle and high school students of JKS Beijing Branch and well evaluated. One Chinese national team kumite athletes also attended theseminar and refresh her idea of karate. I want every month Sensei Makita would come to Beijing, said by parents of Beijing Branch. They gave great applauds to Sensei Makita. It was the first time that the seminar hold in mainland China except Shanghai. It was a “great success” without doubt.”