Technical seminar by Kanayama sensei was held in Ireland from October 14th and 15th.

Dermot O’Keeffe sensei’s comments below.

October 2107 JKS IRELAND had the great pleasure to welcome Kanayama Sensei 7th Dan from the JKS So Honbu Dojo to come to Ireland.
The seminar was conducted over the weekend of 14th & 15th October. This year’s seminar was held in two venues.
On the 14th, training was held in JKS Shannon dojo in the southwest. This training was over two classes with some 35 members ranging from kayo grade to Dan.
Kanayama Sensei worked on basic and combination kihon training for the first class, finishing with Heian kata. This class was heavily focused on correct stances and efficient movement. On the advanced class we continued with combinations kihon. Kanayama Sensei then worked on Bassai Dai and Jion. During this class the members had the opportunity to ask Sensei questions about the kata. He covered bunkai on both kata to finish.
On the 15th we held the Technical seminar in the JKS Ireland Honbu Dojo. We had three classes.
The first class was for Kyu and junior grades, again focusing on basics and kata to finish. The second class was a mixed class (All grades). There was great atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed by all members.
The final class was for Black /brown belts only. Kanayama Sensei warmed up stressing the importance of conditioning, followed by Kicking combinations and JKS Nidan syllabus combinations.
He then worked on Jiyu Ippon and reactive Kumite training with groups of three people, followed by partner work.
We finished a wonderful seminar with practice of Kanku Dai. 85 members enjoyed Sunday’s seminar. JKS Ireland look forward to inviting Kanayama Sensei back to Ireland very soon.