Technical seminar by Kanayama sensei was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 4th and 5th.

Ariel Montenegro sensei said
The seminar consisted on a total of 12 hours divided in four three-hour-long sessions each during the mornings and afternoons of the mentioned days.
Sensei’s instructions were excellent and the knowledge transfer on basic movements and techniques was impeccable.
These sessions covered several topics, including: technical warm-up training for good elongation, explanation and usage; the application and development of kihon hand techniques, such as Jodan, Chudan and Gedan Uke; the body’s gravity center usage in hip movements and steps (unzoku and yori ashi); strong postures in Kokutsu Dachi, Kiba Dachi and Zenkutsu Dachi with special attention to Neko Ashi Dachi together with applicable hand techniques.
Moving on, balance was carefully mentioned during body movement and the application of keri waza, such as Mae geri, yoko geri kekomi and keage, mawashi geri and ushiro geri, and concluding with the revision and explanation of the Junro kata movements and technique application (from Junro Shodan to Junro Yondan)
Kanayama Sensei has also completed Dan examination from 1º to 3º Dan and revalidation of newcomers from 1º to 5t Dan practitioners.
To conclude, as the JKS Argentinian Technical Comitee would like to express our deepest gratitude for Kanayama Sensei’s visit and the Japan Karate Shotorenmei Comitee’s willingness to allow its instructors to visit our country to transfer their knowledge in pursuit of the school’s growth around the world.