Technical seminar by Kagawa shihan was held in Auckland New Zealand from September 30th to October 1st.

Trevor Foster sensei said
The seminar was well attended with over 75 Karate-ka participating each day. It was considered a great success to have Kagawa Shihan visiting and conducting a JKS Open Karate seminar for the first time in New Zealand. With over 75 karate-Ka attending each day, we were pleased to be supported by JKS Hawaii, JKS Gympie, JKS Sydney and of course a very large delegation from JKS Christchurch. We also had attendance by non JKS (Fushun Ryu) and other Shotokan groups who all reported their admiration of Kagawa Shihan and the JKS group.
The weekend seminar was completed with Dan examinations and a party in honour of Kagawa Shihan and to celebrate the seminar success.
There was also time for sightseeing of Auckland and volcanic beaches which was enjoyable time prior to Kagawa Shihan departing back to Japan.

We would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to Kagawa Shihan for visiting New Zealand and extend our thanks also to JKS HQ for supporting us in the arrangements.