Technical seminar by Makita sensei was held in JKS Irelandon 12th June 2018.

Dermot OKeeffe said. On Tuesday the 12th of June Makita Sensei from JKS Honbu Dojo visited Ireland. During his visit he taught two classes at the JKS Ireland headquarters.
The first class was for junior grades. Makita Sensei focused on good conditioning exercises followed by basic drills and kata.
The senior class was an absolute masterclass. Firstly Makita Sensei look us through various warm up exercises to increase hip flexibility. After this he went brought
the class through various kihon drills to improve speed and balance. Throughout the seminar, he emphasised the importance of correct balance and use of hips.
To finish he taught GOJUSHIHO DAI. JKS Ireland would like to thank Makita Sensei and look forward to seeing him again in the future.