Technical seminar by Kagawa Shihan was held in JKS Benelux for 2days from June 9th and 10th.

Eric Bortels sensei said. It was pleasure to host Kagawa Shihan for the European Tour Hungary-Benelux-Italy.

The first seminar day on Saturday was a masterclass with Kagawa shihan.
Only 3th dan and above was accepted and 25 karateka’s could inscribe.
Out of our expierence the year before year this idea was allready a big succes.
At this seminar the contact is closer with Kagawa Shihan and at the end of the course we could
ask questions which where selected before.
Next to the high qualty training we recieved, Kagawa Shihan his answers where very interesting to all of us.

The next day 107 karateka’s where ready to follow the course with Kagawa Shihan.
The warming up we recieved was very inventive and the training was of a high technical standard.
Everybody went home with a lot of baggage to use in their own dojo.

We hope to invite Kagawa Shihan again next year.