The three day visit for technical seminar by Hajime Matsue Sensei will be a day to be remembered by both JKS Kenya members and fellow karate practitioners from other styles and groupings as they were amazed by the high standard of Shotokan karate exhibited Matsue Sensei

Its evident from the two cities he visited the feeling was the same, While in Nairobi the capital city, Matsue Sensei embarked on teaching Kihon drills with very detailed explanation on transition points from one stance to another with hand coordination, a lot of learning for everyone who was present.

Kata practice also posed a great challenge as the members were trying to adjust and at the same time cope with Sensei swift movements it was a great day for everyone and a time for personal reflection to those who really wanted to study Karate.

At Mombasa which is our second largest town situated at the coast famous for its hot and very humid climate, did not deter our Sensei from performing what he is good at, this time of the year, the weather was very hot with temperature over 40 degrees, but to the amusement of even the locals Matsue Sensei showed resilience and showed them what he is made of, give the Karatekas’ a great challenge
From the kind request which he whole heartedly agreed, we trained all the Junro Katas and Kankudai, in this part of country Junro kata is something very strange and it made other none JKS Shotokan practitioners yearn to learn this new katas.
It was a day well spend and thanks to Matsue presence and expert teaching many now wanted to join JKS Kenya, to us we say this was a blessing in disguise.
A great Sensei you are and many wished him a safe journey back home, but not without leaving them with many questions their quality of Karate.
There’s something special about all JKS HQS instructors, they never disappoint and always leaves you craving for more.