Technical seminar by Masao Kagawa shihan and Makita Sensei was held in Shanghai, China from April 12ed to 14th.

The seminar was a huge success, JKS-Shanghai Shotokan best to date,During the 3-day seminar, about 100 students participated on a regular basis. Students are across all age groups, from 5-year-old to 55-year-old. We scheduled 2-4 sessions each day. Kagawa Shihan delivered a masterclass in Kihon, Kata and Kumite. All participants were in awe of Shihan’s incredible ability and his manner of instruction which put everyone at ease and got the very best from all there.

Sensei Makita’s demonstration was clear, concise and easy to understand. Along with years of their in-field experience, the class was welcomed and favoured by students.

This was the first time for JKS Shanghai Shotokan Branch to host technical seminar. This technical seminar was a great success. We look forward to seeing Kagawa shihan and Makita sensei in Shanghai again. We’d also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards JKS Headquarter.