Japan Karate Shoto Federation




Month Date Event Place
Jan 6th New Year Training Headquarters Dojo
10th New Year Ceremony Headquarters Dojo
Jan 26 – Feb 1st Winter Training Headquarters Dojo
Feb 7-8th National Technical Seminar Headquarters Dojo
13-15th Seminar by Okamoto Sensei Sweden
21-23rd Seminar by Katsumata Sensei and Matsue Sensei Montreal, Canada
Mar 6-7th Seminar by Kagawa Sensei England
8-9th Ireland
10-11th France
12-13th Hungary
14-15th Belgium
17-18th Scotland
11-13th Seminar by Kanayama Sensei Israel
21-22nd Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Denmark
27-29th Scotland
30-31st England
Apr 30 – May 2nd Seminar by Inada Sensei Shanghai, China
May 22-24th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Torino, Italy
Jun 6-7th National Technical & Judging Seminar Tokyo, Japan
11-14th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Kolkata, India
19-21st Seminar by Makita Sensei Scotland
26-28th Seminar by Katsumata Sensei and Kanayama Sensei Canada
Jul 18-19th 16th National Championships National Wheelchair Championships Tokyo, Japan
29-30th Seminar by Kagawa Sensei Ohrid, Macedonia
Aug 2-3rd Seminar by Kagawa Sensei Ohrid, Macedonia
13-15th Seminar by Kagawa Sensei Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
28-30th Seminar by Matsue Sensei Nairobi, Kenya
Sep 24-29th Seminar by Kagawa Sensei South Africa
25-28th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Gympie, Australia
Oct 2-4th Seminar by Kagawa Sensei Sweden
14-26th Okamoto Sensei visits Scotland Dunfermline, Scotland
15-18th Seminar by Kanayama Sensei and Arimoto Sensei Los Cabos, Mexico
17-18th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Budapest Hungary
19-20th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Paris, France
21st Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Lyon, France
22nd Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Belgium & Netherlands
24-25th Seminar by Yamaguchi Sensei Dublin, Ireland
24-25th National Technical Seminar Tokyo, Japan
Nov 14-17th Seminar by Matsue Sensei Dunfermline, Scotland
Dec 5-6th International Seminar Tokyo, Japan
29th End of year training Headquarters Dojo

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