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About the Honbu-Dojo response to the coronavirus

May 26, 2020

Due to the cancellation of the state of emergency, the JKS Headquarters.

The JKS Headquarters will reopen the Honbu-Dojo on Monday,June 1st, 2020.
The training sessions and the Online lessons will hold simultaneously.
The training schedule is as usual.
The JKS Headquarters

The autobiography of Kagawa-shihan was published.
You can purchase this book here

Attention JKS Members

The 1st World Online Inclusive Karate Championships

The 1st World Online Inclusive Karate Championships was held on April 25th, 2021. From JKS Japan, three members have participated and achieved excellent results. Many thanks to Sensei Eric Bortels of JKS Benelux for his exceptional organization of this remarkable event.

1st World Online Inclusive Karate Championship (ikfworldchampionship2021.com)

Dear JKS Members

Dear JKS members,

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of our oldest member and JKS Brazil Branch leader Sadamu Uriu Sensei 9th Dan at the age of 91yrs.

Uriu Sensei was an amazing talent and fantastic Instructor and will be deeply missed by us all.

We would like to convey our condolences to Uriu Sensei's family, friends, and all members of JKS Brazil during this sad time.

Rest in peace Sensei.

JKS Headquarters

JKS Brazil leader Sadamu Uriu Sensei

Masao Kagawa Shihan's Message

The translation of the speech:

Dear JKS members,

I hope everyone in our large JKS family is healthy and fine.
In Japan, the COVID-19 pandemic situation is now gradually heading down to its end, but what about the situation in your own country?
I am praying for our member’s good health.
I think you all, little by little, are doing your best to go back to regular training.
The Japanese Government finally called off the state of emergency, and we reopened the Honbu-Dojo on June 1st.
Besides its regular activity, the JKS Headquarters went online, and now we are thinking about various projects to be implemented in the nearest future.
I believe that the close work of the Honbu-Dojo and JKS members around the Globe brings love and devotion to JKS Karate-do. Please, do keep training with all of your passion.
We hope to meet you and train together as soon as possible.
An essential issue among our plans is the International Seminar 2020. We understand that the situation is quite complicated. We will keep you up to date and inform when it becomes possible to conduct the event.
Until then, please be fine.
We look forward to seeing you again.

Yours sincerely,

Masao Kagawa
The Japan Karate Shoto Federation Chief Instructor


3 Karate DVD images Shotokan Kata, The Wheelchair Karate, Koten Kata

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has affected our training.
We feel that many people will still be encouraged to stay at home even though the state of emergency may now be relaxed.
Perhaps this is the time to watch some JKS DVDs.
We are pleased to offer a limited time 3 DVD set for sale.
The Shotokan Kata DVD, the Wheelchair Karate DVD, and the Koten Kata DVD at a set price of only 6,000 yen!
This is half the regular price.
The number of DVD sets is limited.
Please contact us as soon as possible.
Do not miss this amazing opportunity!
Contact email: info@jks.jp


The selling of the Karate training rubber tubes and the DVDs overseas

We are pleased to announce the rubber tubes used by the JKS Headquarters instructors for training can now be purchased from overseas.

The rubber tube size: Large 4 cm width / Medium 2,5 cm width / Small 1,7 cm width

The rubber tube purchase option:

・50 meters tube

Large 55,000 yen

Medium 38,000 yen

Small 33,000 yen

・8 meters tube

Large 8,800 yen

Medium 6,160 yen

Small 5,280 yen

In addition, we are pleased to offer a set of four DVDs for sale.

The set consists of the Dan/Kyu Examination Curriculum DVD, Shotokan Kata DVD, Koten Kata DVD, the Wheelchair Karate DVD.

※The first 20 purchasers will receive a JKS original fan as a gift.

Shipping costs vary by region.

Please note that customs duties may be imposed upon receipt of the purchase.

Please make your purchase on the following website:

URL https://jksonline.official.ec/

Good news from JKS Indonesia (INKANAS)

Dear JKS members

We are pleased to share the good news from JKS Indonesia (INKANAS).
JKS Indonesia members of the National team of Indonesia have participated in the AKF Championship that held in December 2021 in Kazakhstan and achieved the following results:

1. Gold medal male kata Individual cadet - Akio Zaiko

2. Silver medal female kata individual senior - Krisda Putri

3. Silver medal female Kumite +54 kg Kadet - Tiara Sandy

For further details, please check the below link:

Also, the Indonesia National Team have supported by members from INKANAS:


Haifendri Putih
Manager: Harmen Saputra
Official: Ricky Muchtar
Robert, Donny Zaiko, and Jintar Simanjuntak

JKS Indonesia members of the National team of Indonesia

Kagawa Shihan’s open seminar

Dear Karate enthusiasts

I would like to invite you to participate in Kagawa Shihan’s open seminar that holds on Sunday, September 27th, 2020, from 17:00 to 18:30 Japan Time.
The seminar is open to all, regardless of Karate style or Karate organization.


1. Please apply at the URL below.

2. Find the seminar’s title: September 27th (Sunday) KAGAWA MASAO SHIHAN Overseas only Online Seminar

3. On the upper left corner, click on 日本語 to change the language to English.

4. Click on Add to cart.

5. Scroll down and click on Buy as a Guest.

6. Fill the following Customer Information:
Name, Country, Zip code, State, Address, Phone number, Mail address.
Also, the JKS members should add your JKS branch name to in the remarks column.

7. Make sure to subscribe to Mail Magazine by checking it.
You will receive the ZOOM link via the Mail Magazine.

8. Use the discount coupon code (for JKS members only)

9. Choose PayPal as a payment method.

10. Unclick (remove the checkmark) Creating a PAY ID account agreeing

11. Scroll down and click on Next

12. Click on Pay with PayPal to proceed with the payment.

13. After making payment, you will receive a confirmation email within the next few days.

Discount coupon:
The JKS members can ask their branch leaders for a 30% discount coupon.
The coupon is valid only once. Please note that if you apply without entering the coupon code, the discount will not be available.

Do not miss this opportunity to participate in the first Kagawa Shihan’s Online seminar.

The JKS Headquarters

Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the Japanese Government called off the state of emergency on May 25th, and we are gradually returning to normal life, we are still in a state of uncertainty. Many of the JKS branches have restarted their training, and I would like each of you to continue to carry out your activities while maximizing the infection prevention measures. Most of the events planned by JKS have been postponed or canceled, and we still have some undecided future events. We will update you as soon as the situation is clear. Under these circumstances, online instruction has become essential. Due to the pandemic, the travel of the JKS Headquarters Instructors to other JKS branches in Japan or Worldwide become extremely difficult. By conducting online classes, the traveling risk is eliminated, and the opportunity to attend seminars become possible to everyone. And I am pleased that we have received many requests for online training sessions from our overseas branches. I would strongly recommend all our JKS members to participate in the online classes in order to upgrade their Karate skills. We will continue to encourage new participants and pursue new teaching possibilities.

Yours sincerely,

Takeshi Moriya
The Japan Karate Shoto Federation President

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